The Forgotten Social Network: Exposing Your Brand on Instagram

When brands set out to establish a social media strategy, they automatically gravitate towards the “Big Three”: Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. While this is certainly more than a sound gameplan considering the majority of one’s audience will be found on these major networks, one shouldn’t overlook the other up and coming niche networks. Since its launch in October 2010, Instagram rapidly expanded to over 10 million users in only a year. Clearly, it’s here to stay. 

Couldn’t get any crazier than this shot. 

At nearly 99000 followers, Red Bull has fully leveraged Instagram’s potential. The brand posts a “daily awesome picture” from their sports playground in order to stay true to its audience’s nature. In addition, despite its large fan base, it regularly likes and comments pictures posted by users.  

Keep Working at It

While zero followers on Instagram may seem disheartening compared to the thousands of fans and followers you might have already established on Facebook and Twitter, it’s important to keep at it. At the end of the day, you should value the quality of your brand community over the quantity. As a social media manager, challenge yourself to orchestrate the most creative and interesting shots your company has to offer every once in a while. Ready, Snap, Post. 

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It’d be an understatement to say this was an eventful week in social media. Aside from President Obama’s Twitter Town Hall and Mark Zuckerburg’s online address to the world on the state of Facebook, we also saw the results of the Casey Anthony trial trended endlessly on Twitter and YouTube! unveil its “Cosmic Panda“. We assume you are all up to date on these major events. Listed below are our most popular links from this past week. They may not have made major headlines but they are still useful nonetheless.

Image via Amy Surowiec of Getty Images

Insightful Infographics

Debunking Social Media Myths: Facebook and Twitter Strategies

Social media has created a new era of transparency and engagement in marketing. In this world of “Like” and “Follow” buttons, companies now need to create a personality that extends beyond the notion of a faceless corporation and more so towards the status of a friend or acquaintance. This new era provides companies the opportunity to be leaders in their fields through directed conversations and thoughtful interactions with customers.

David and I celebrating Social Media Day 2011 in Palo Alto, CA. We proudly put our company culture on display.

David Harstein suggests a company can actually capitalize on the intimate setting of Facebook to display a more personal side to its organization. Don’t be afraid to show off employees both at the office and out at company functions. While an individual on Twitter might follow a company due to its authority in a certain niche or to receive important news updates, someone on Facebook “Likes” a company because he or she feels connected in some way with that brand (even if at times this connection is for superficial circumstances such as a promotion.) 

Do you feel more connected to a brand over Facebook, Twitter or neither?