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The Head of State is Leading Our Nation, in Social!

Gone are the days when the president hosted Fireside Chats over the radio (cough, Franklin D. Roosevelt). Welcome today’s digital age, introducing…SOCIAL MEDIA, a fast and direct way of communicating and engaging with individuals worldwide!
Politics and social media are merging, becoming more intertwined than ever before.  Let’s take a look at the social media efforts from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue…
Obama and the White House staff are the first Administration actively using various social media tools including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, and the list goes on…

Do you use social media as a way of engaging with politics? If yes, how? Do you follow President Obama and the White House on Twitter?

If not, start now!

President Barack Obama:
White House:
Macon Phillips:

Feel like reading more on this topic? Check out…

Pew Research Center’s study entitled, “The Internet’s Role in Campaign 2008: A majority of American adults went online in 2008 to keep informed about political developments and to get involved with the election.”

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Crowdbooster Presents: Brands keeping it real no.1

I get sad whenever I see a tweet that sounds more like advertising than the start of a conversation. I whine about uninspired posts that were created to get cheap likes. 

I wonder if marketers will ever come around to understanding that social media is about becoming part of the conversation and not interrupt it with buzzkill advertising copy.

Social media is an opportunity for brands to open up and invite us in to see the what they are about. It’s authentic, it’s personal, it’s human. my own sanity’s sake, I’m going to blog about brands that get it, and showcase them here on the Crowdbooster blog. Here’s my first post, tell me if you like it.

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