Simple yet powerful: Crowdbooster’s latest updates

Today we are introducing a series of new features that we have been adding to Crowdbooster over the last few months. Our goal was to add power to a simple user experience, which can be quite tricky. There were all these questions we found ourselves asking our own service, and your great feedback never ceased to inspire us. We hope you love the latest improvements. Here we go:

Trends for your social metrics

Since we launched the X initiative, have we seen an upward trend in the number of likes on our Facebook posts? What about the weekly contests on Twitter – do they help boost engagement in the middle of the week? Do people mention our business more on weekends? What about summer versus winter?

That’s how you’d evaluate the success of your campaign ideas and identify opportunities to do more (or less!). Now you can do this with ease in Crowdbooster, complete with 1. averages to let you know if you are above average (you are, if you are using Crowdbooster 🙂 and 2. granularity controls so you can try to notice otherwise hard-to-notice trends.

metric trends

Compare two time periods

We had a major media push last month, but did it drive social media engagement like we expected it to? You can now compare last month (or any arbitrary time period) to the previous three months (or any arbitrary time period), on the same graph and for any metric. That’s right. You can also hold the days of the week constant. Start both Period 1 and Period 2 on a Sunday, and see if you actually did a better job tweeting and engaging.

Time comparisons

You can use our bubble chart to tell a story about why one period had better performance. Was it because of one groundbreaking Tweet that got retweeted by an influencer – or did all of your posts do better in one period because you got smarter about your content strategy?

Bubble across time

(Your own) Keyword analysis

Ever wonder if sharing links to your site have an impact on engagement levels? What about all of those #trivia Tweets – yay or nay? We think doing social media well requires you to constantly check your gut against data. After all, this is one of the few places where your marketing and communications efforts can get instantaneous reactions from your target audience. We want to help you get these answers – so the first thing we did was to introduce a way to analyze your own posts and Tweets by keyword.

Keyword filter

We have a lot more up our sleeves, but we want to hear what do you think! If you liked what you saw, give us a
or sign up for a 30-day free trial. If you don’t like what you saw, let us hear it.

Scheduling images to Twitter and Facebook through Crowdbooster

We just rolled out an update to our Publisher, in time to help you stay active on your socials this Labor Day weekend. You can now schedule images to both Twitter and Facebook!

schedule an image to Facebook

Schedule a photo to Facebook with your update.

Schedule an image to Twitter

Schedule an image to Twitter natively.


See scheduled photos in the queue.

Happy weekend and happy scheduling!

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Crowdbooster’s New Feature: Collaborate Seamlessly

Using Crowdbooster with your officemates just got this much more fun…

No, seriously. It’s with great pleasure that I announce today that you can now collaborate with multiple users on Crowdbooster. We are especially excited because to us, this signifies an institutionalization of social media in the modern organization. This is very different compared to when we started. Back then (circa 2010), trailblazing social media managers, fueled by not much more than a vision of a more connected world, single-handedly took on social media management roles with little to no resources at their disposal. Today, the social-savvy workforce is coming together on social platforms, with increasingly more resources to engage.

Here’s what you can do right now if you upgrade to Crowdbooster for Teams. Invite your entire marketing team to use Crowdbooster. Don’t forget to include temporary contractors and the awesome intern. Invite the executives and your clients, too. Crowdbooster was designed to be extremely simple to understand, so no training would be required for the other members of your team to start running reports and managing social profiles. Crowdbooster was also made to be visually stunning for you to use to demonstrate your performance and win over your clients and bosses, so send them access. You can add, remove, and limit users to manage only specific accounts. If you don’t want a user to have permission to change anything or post messages, you can easily limit her access level.

User settings

Social Profile settings

This is our first stab at making Crowdbooster work better in today’s collaborative environment. What features does your team need to get things done? What kind of roadblocks are you running into when managing social media as an organization? Tweet us @Crowdbooster.

When we look out into the future. We see social penetrating the organization, transforming more parts of the business than the ones we can rattle off right now – customer service, public relations, marketing, etc. Crowdbooster intends to be there to serve you. On top of that, what excites us even more is how the people inside social organizations will turn around and change social media even further by showing us how to use social media in a way that we never would’ve imagined. From there, we will get a lot closer to making the world a more open, authentic, and connected place.

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