Say hello to the new Crowdbooster!


This is just the beginning of new Crowdbooster. On that note, we’d like to thank you using Crowdbooster and helping us improve. As always, we love feedback, so don’t hesitate to get in touch. Tweet, Facebook, write on our feedback forum, email us, or leave a comment below!

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8 thoughts on “Say hello to the new Crowdbooster!

  1. I loved your free service, but I’m sorry guys;With so many other free services to choose from that do nearly what your site does, I’ll simply be moving on.

  2. I enjoy your service greatly, but I will NOT pay for it. It makes life a little easier, but not enough for someone like me who doesn’t have money to throw around.

  3. Thanks for allowing the free version till March Crowdbooster is really good, well done guys. Like the other two comments I am starting to recognise these familiar announcements. Good luck with selling the company or what deals you have in the future. This seems to be the natural assumption. I hope this is not the case, you have really help monitor and connect with people on Twitter and easily share posts on Facebook. My hope is that you will keep this going for a long as possible and continue with your amazing update improvements as things change. Good luck and please count me in for considering any new plans.

  4. I’m sorry to see you go. I enjoyed you as a free service, but there is nothing there worth being forced to pay for. I can find it all somewhere else for free. I think you guys lost sight of things. It is not all the bells and whistles… it is the data that is important.

  5. Sad news for us. We only found you recently and have enjoyed what you offer, but our non-profit can’t justify spending the money on this kind of thing. I guess we’ll just keep using it as long as we can (thanks for free version until March at least).

  6. I think what you guys are doing is really, really excellent. I’m surprised that some of the other comments aren’t supporting a paid version. C’mon, folks, it’s $9 — $7 if you sign up during the January special. Really? You can’t afford $9 for a tool that will save you oodles of time? It’s worth it, as far as I’m concerned.And, for the record, I have no affiliation with Crowdbooster nor have they asked me to chime-in. I’m just a blogger/author doing research on good social media management tools and think Crowdbooster is one of the better tools out there.Thanks,Jamie

  7. This tool is completely new for me. But it really seems to be very useful and convenient! Thanks a lot for sharing this post, now I have strong desire to find out more about this tool.thanks for the info.

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