Delivering Your Brand’s Culture Through Social Media

Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos, contends that the key to success is to remember that “your culture is your brand.” In the age of social media, traditional marketing is lost. A brand can no longer squeeze advertising copy into 140 characters and expect a positive response from its community. Social media has created a two-way stream in which fans and followers strive for a more authentic relationship with brands. Drawing on our own company experience and those experiences of some of the most famous brands in social media, we hope this post offers 3 simple steps to communicating your brand’s culture to your community.

Humanize Your Brand

Believe it or not, social media has offered brands the opportunity of a lifetime. A few decades ago, companies such as American Airlines or Pepsi were largely viewed as corporate monoliths because consumers didn’t relate to the brand beyond the experience of flying cross-country or drinking a soda. However, social media now offers brands the opportunity to actively create and engage a community beyond the consumer experience.

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Reasons Why Your Content Isn’t Shared, Young Women Social Media Power Users [link recap]

Happy Friday! Get ready for the weekend with a look at this past week’s top stories as voted by our Fans and Followers. Topics included tips for social media content and a look at the future of social media. 

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Content is Still King

Knock Out 5 Rookie Mistakes of Personal Branding

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Having a website centered on your expertise is a start, but it’s not enough to take a stand with your personal brand. What does the online path look like for a beginning professional? Here are my own tried-and-true social media highlights for advancing your career.

Run one base at a time: Target a network and then branch out.
Don’t be on every social network, spreading yourself thin over the Internet. Join ones that fit your interests. Editor or book reviewer? Join Goodreads and ply your craft for hungry readers! Videographer? Video sites like Youtube, Vimeo and will host your masterpiece.
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