Debunking Social Media Myths: Facebook and Twitter Strategies

Social media has created a new era of transparency and engagement in marketing. In this world of “Like” and “Follow” buttons, companies now need to create a personality that extends beyond the notion of a faceless corporation and more so towards the status of a friend or acquaintance. This new era provides companies the opportunity to be leaders in their fields through directed conversations and thoughtful interactions with customers.

David and I celebrating Social Media Day 2011 in Palo Alto, CA. We proudly put our company culture on display.

David Harstein suggests a company can actually capitalize on the intimate setting of Facebook to display a more personal side to its organization. Don’t be afraid to show off employees both at the office and out at company functions. While an individual on Twitter might follow a company due to its authority in a certain niche or to receive important news updates, someone on Facebook “Likes” a company because he or she feels connected in some way with that brand (even if at times this connection is for superficial circumstances such as a promotion.) 

Do you feel more connected to a brand over Facebook, Twitter or neither?