4 Ways Social Media Will Rock Your Next Event

Whether it’s a casual company meet-and-greet or a top-notch industry panel, offline events offer one of the best opportunities for a brand to connect with its customers and clients in person. While everything from the color of the tablecloths to the type of entrees might be planned beforehand, one can never account for who will actually show up. For example, as a company based in Palo Alto, CA, with a userbase that spans the globe, we’re never exactly sure who would show up to any of our events.

Foursquare’s recent unveiling of event check-ins makes this step even easier than before. 

Continue the Conversation

Social media ensures that the event doesn’t have to end when the speakers head home. Use the event’s hashtag to continue sharing thoughts and pictures. At Crowdbooster, our Follow Friday recommendation emerged as a way to thank an account’s most engaged fans, based on retweets and mentions, for the week. While you should certainly give a shout-out to those who attended the event in person, don’t hesitate to thank your top online guests too. Create lasting value from your event by cultivating relationships in your community. 

Be sure to share with us some of your experiences in social-media enhanced events in the comments section.

First SMOchat and the state of social media optimization from our community

This post is based on our first #SMOchat (stands for Social Media Optimization chat) this past week. We will be hosting #SMOchat on Twitter every Tuesday at noon Pacific / 3pm Eastern Time. We hope you can join us as we explore more SMO topics together.  
It’s no surprise that Facebook was founded only 7 years ago and opened up to everyone just 5 years ago. SocialCast’s study cited that 71% of social media managers have only 1-4 years of experience, and Jeremiah Owyang’s surveys revealed that 62% of corporate social media divisions have only been in existence for less than 2 years. We are all new at this. This is why we hosted our first #SMOchat in order to bring the community together to have a conversation about how to master the skills in this nascent profession. 92 chatters participated, contributing 673 tweets and a ton of insights.
Measuring Only the Basics
Starting with measurement, which is critical to understanding how to optimize, we found that most participants were focused on what Jeremiah Owyang calls theengagement data – followers, fans, replies, retweets, likes, comments, clicks, etc. These make up the lowest level of metrics that we as social media professionals have in front of us everyday. While there were talks about looking at conversions and repeat retweeters as potential ways to tie what we do more closely to the business, it seemed like we are just starting to think about it.

7 Traits of a Successful Social Media Manager

Image via Mike Kemp of Getty Images

Passion might be the most important attribute on this list for some employers. A passion for your job often leads to results beyond what is expected. The community manager needs to demonstrate a passion for social media. Find someone who has built a large Twitter following on his or her own time. Dig deep to discover the blogger who updates his or her personal blog three to five times a week. 

We’d love to hear what you think about our list. Are there any traits you’d add?