Crowdbooster Talks About Finding Product-Market Fit [video]

We recently hosted a group of entrepreneurs from Finland’s Aalto Venture Garage to introduce them to the Silicon Valley. Timo from DealMachine documented our conversation on his blog. We talked about our various product pivots to get to Crowdbooster, our time spent in Y Combinator and toured around SSE Labs. Check it out!

Crowdbooster featured in Backslash Magazine

Crowdbooster is featured in the latest issue of Backslash Magazine

Ricky shares his thoughts on Crowdbooster and the increasing staying power of social media in the appropriately titled section, “Collegiate Entrepreneurs: Those Who Never Stop Grindin'”, alongside six other startups by current college students and recent alumni.

We are honored to be featured in a section about student entrepreneurs, since we have deep roots in that community at Stanford. Ricky, Mark, and I actually all met at Startup School 2009, which was co-hosted by the Business Association of Stanford Entrepreneurial Students (BASES). Ricky and I had been working together on a few prototypes for startup ideas and as part of the BASES executive team, whereas Mark was in his first quarter back at Stanford after taking a leave of absence to pursue his first startup. Five months later, we were sitting at the first YCombinator dinner, just a week before finals and graduation.

If you’re a college student or recent alum interested in entrepreneurship, definitely reach out to us! We want to hear what you’re working on and how we can help. Leave us a message in the comments below or send us a tweet or email team (AT)!

Check out the entire issue of Backslash for free. I’ve also posted the screenshots of the cover and the page where Crowdbooster is featured for your convenience! Continue reading