The Pinterest Appeal

During out #SMOchat, Brittany Morse of Sprout Social share insights on Pinterest. Clearly, Sprout Social understands the need to add valuable content to the conversation. 

Even B2B companies can add value to the conversation. Promote a blog post or infographic that offers industry tips, trends, or statistics. You can even take it one step further and pin videos that highlight case studies or tutorials. Beth Hayden of Copyblogger suggests that since there are far fewer videos than pictures on the site, your videos are more likely to be seen. All in all, these tips may help you create desirable content that engages followers with your brand without alienating them.

Engage Your Community

Similar to other social media sites, Pinterest offers brands ample opportunity to foster a two-way conversation within its online community. Although it’s important to establish yourself as a “curator of taste” or leader within your industry, take time to acknowledge the value your audiences contributes to the topic or niche. Repin content you find particularly compelling onto company boards. Design a board that highlights customer stories, whether case studies or pins that highlight the value your product or service offers. Take it one step further: like and comment pins from your followers, regardless of whether or not they relate to your brand. Don’t be afraid to show followers a human element of your brand’s culture.

Ultimately, we hope this serves as a basic guide for developing your brand’s presence of Pinterest. We’d love comments on readers’ experience so far with the network in the comments section. As a community manager, what are best practices you’ve found so far? As a personal user, do you engage with brands on Pinterest? Why or why not?

We’d love to connect with you on Pinterest! Our boards are still a work in progress but they’re a taste of what’s to come. 

Crowdbooster launches today, and it’s just the beginning…

Today we are announcing the launch of Crowdbooster public beta. This marks another milestone in our company’s young history, and it’s just the beginning. Since our private beta launch in November, you’ve been here helping us build a truly revolutionary product. We will continue to commit to this “open strategy” where we make an effort learn from you every step of the way, and I hope you can continue to guide us by giving us your feedback.

Check out the press release and share our news with the world:


Crowdbooster Talks About Finding Product-Market Fit [video]

We recently hosted a group of entrepreneurs from Finland’s Aalto Venture Garage to introduce them to the Silicon Valley. Timo from DealMachine documented our conversation on his blog. We talked about our various product pivots to get to Crowdbooster, our time spent in Y Combinator and toured around SSE Labs. Check it out!