The Head of State is Leading Our Nation, in Social!

Gone are the days when the president hosted Fireside Chats over the radio (cough, Franklin D. Roosevelt). Welcome today’s digital age, introducing…SOCIAL MEDIA, a fast and direct way of communicating and engaging with individuals worldwide!
Politics and social media are merging, becoming more intertwined than ever before.  Let’s take a look at the social media efforts from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue…
Obama and the White House staff are the first Administration actively using various social media tools including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, and the list goes on…

Do you use social media as a way of engaging with politics? If yes, how? Do you follow President Obama and the White House on Twitter?

If not, start now!

President Barack Obama:
White House:
Macon Phillips:

Feel like reading more on this topic? Check out…

Pew Research Center’s study entitled, “The Internet’s Role in Campaign 2008: A majority of American adults went online in 2008 to keep informed about political developments and to get involved with the election.”




4 thoughts on “The Head of State is Leading Our Nation, in Social!

  1. I’m quite disappointed to see this kind of elementary analysis on Crowdbooster’s blog – "introducing social media" ?! "Politics and social media are merging, becoming more intertwined than ever before" ?!?This post looks like it was written in 1999, talking about the introduction the internet. It’s frankly kind of condescending to talk to people this way,like a school teacher, about social media and politics. Social media IS politics.Oh, and by the way, about Barack Obama? Statistics actually show that his engagement with his audience on social media is actually deplorable. It’s ironic you made a cheap quip about the Fireside Chats of the past – because though that was actually a President speaking to people in response to real issues and concerns of the day. Take a look at @BarackObama’s stream. A cursory examination easily finds:- Tweets are over 95% written by his staff. Only about 1 in 30 tweets, or about 2 per month, are written by Obama himself.- Number of tweets daily has increased by over 800% since this time last year, when he wasn’t campaigning. Politicians only engage with the public when they’re up for election of re-election.- The content of the tweets ranges from benign grandstanding statements, to peddling useless crap like t-shirts and mugs, to agenda-setting stances of top down, issue-based partisan politics. – It only ever retweets statements from his own campaign, other politicians, or the Democratic Party. Never the people. What a metaphor for our political system.- Above all else, @BarackObama has NEVER replied with an @ mention to real people who writes to him. When the account has done so, which is about 1 in 4,500 of @ mentions that it receives, it has always been staff, and conveniently engaging only with those who are already in total alignment with his message.- Bonus: 70% of Obama’s twitter followers are fake. Confirmed by Mashable: Oh, and by the way, this is in no way a partisan attack on Obama. Romney, and just about any other politician you can think of, are far worse. For the record, I am not a fan of Obama, or Romney, or Ron Paul, or any of the other clownish players in the current political theatre.This is a critique of the completely out-of-touch leaders that we have, who have no clue how to effectively use social media. So, in response to this analysis, I respectfully say that I completely disagree, and that NO ONE should use social media in a mode so misleading and ostentatiously spurious at @BarackObama.I wish I could post photos & charts here so I could show all of these metrics: Ironically, you can find most of these things using Crowdbooster of other social analytics platforms. So why is Crowdbooster so far behind the wave of social media and analysis?

  2. I am responding to Shawn’s comment…As a social media and seo strategist (who is not an american) I followed the election with much interest. I actually completely disagree with criticism of the Obama social media campaign.There level of engagement, their personal approach, the way they used email to connect on a personal level was brilliant and groundbreaking.The fact that I had emails in my inbox addressed to me by the President of The United States was brilliant, it made me feel special and helped to convey the feeling that he was human.Just my thoughtsGeoff

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