Crowdbooster Presents: Brands keeping it real no.1

I get sad whenever I see a tweet that sounds more like advertising than the start of a conversation. I whine about uninspired posts that were created to get cheap likes. 

I wonder if marketers will ever come around to understanding that social media is about becoming part of the conversation and not interrupt it with buzzkill advertising copy.

Social media is an opportunity for brands to open up and invite us in to see the what they are about. It’s authentic, it’s personal, it’s human. my own sanity’s sake, I’m going to blog about brands that get it, and showcase them here on the Crowdbooster blog. Here’s my first post, tell me if you like it.


Brands have opinions. Sometimes it’s obvious. Of course McDonald’s didn’t like NYC Mayor Bloomberg’s proposal to ban sugary drinks larger than 16 ounces at restaurants. It was extremely refreshing to see them come out and say it. If businesses only hide behind carefully crafted scripts, they would quickly become irrelevant in this day and age. 

GOOD Magazine

One of my favorite magazines laid off many of its editorial staff. Rather than letting the news go away quietly, the magazine’s Twitter chose to say something, revealing the business’ vulnerabilities and getting my attention.


Saving the best for last. Bobby Hundreds is the truth. The Hundreds is about more than the clothes. It’s a culture, and I follow the creator to get regular doses of it. This is why social media is powerful. 

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