November was a special month for us here at Crowdbooster because exactly one year ago we told Mashable about our little company trying to do something different in the social media marketing space. A year later, we have a community of users that continues to grow, and we’re proud to be pushing for more innovation in the space.


Here’s what we’ve been up to.


Performance enhancements

As a top priority, our team is working on improving the performance of our service. Thank you for being patient during this period. We are striving to come out with a much more stable and reliable offering for your analytics and scheduling needs.



Improved tweet scheduler

It is now easier to schedule multiple tweets through Crowdbooster. Rather than havnig to click for a pop-up widget, you can now just start typing in the text field right away. To compose your next tweet, simply continue typing after you’ve successful scheduled your last one. To make it easier for you to use our suggested times, Crowdbooster will also automatically advance the scheduled time to the next best time.

Improved Facebook time recommendations

We’ve now made the Facebook time recommendations smarter and more precise. Instead of suggesting three 3-hour blocks of time, we will look at how much data we have collected to offer you a more precise time recommendation in 1-hour blocks or one 3-hour block when we can.

“New post” button

We added a “new post” button at the top on your Facebook dashboard. You don’t have to wait for recommendations to finish processing to get going with publishing posts on Facebook.

That’s all for now. Thanks again and look out for more updates from us soon!


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