4 Ways Social Media Will Rock Your Next Event

Whether it’s a casual company meet-and-greet or a top-notch industry panel, offline events offer one of the best opportunities for a brand to connect with its customers and clients in person. While everything from the color of the tablecloths to the type of entrees might be planned beforehand, one can never account for who will actually show up. For example, as a company based in Palo Alto, CA, with a userbase that spans the globe, we’re never exactly sure who would show up to any of our events.

Foursquare’s recent unveiling of event check-ins makes this step even easier than before. 

Continue the Conversation

Social media ensures that the event doesn’t have to end when the speakers head home. Use the event’s hashtag to continue sharing thoughts and pictures. At Crowdbooster, our Follow Friday recommendation emerged as a way to thank an account’s most engaged fans, based on retweets and mentions, for the week. While you should certainly give a shout-out to those who attended the event in person, don’t hesitate to thank your top online guests too. Create lasting value from your event by cultivating relationships in your community. 

Be sure to share with us some of your experiences in social-media enhanced events in the comments section.

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  1. Thanks for sharing vey useful postSome meeting professionals are showcasing their agility by making major changes to schedules and programs onsite during the event. Why are they allowing the sudden change? They are adapting their programming to the real-time immediate feedback of their attendees.

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