Delivering Your Brand’s Culture Through Social Media

Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos, contends that the key to success is to remember that “your culture is your brand.” In the age of social media, traditional marketing is lost. A brand can no longer squeeze advertising copy into 140 characters and expect a positive response from its community. Social media has created a two-way stream in which fans and followers strive for a more authentic relationship with brands. Drawing on our own company experience and those experiences of some of the most famous brands in social media, we hope this post offers 3 simple steps to communicating your brand’s culture to your community.

Humanize Your Brand

Believe it or not, social media has offered brands the opportunity of a lifetime. A few decades ago, companies such as American Airlines or Pepsi were largely viewed as corporate monoliths because consumers didn’t relate to the brand beyond the experience of flying cross-country or drinking a soda. However, social media now offers brands the opportunity to actively create and engage a community beyond the consumer experience.

Creating a culture begins with lending a human element to your brand. Don’t be afraid to display parts of company life that have nothing to do with your service or product. Trust me, nothing your employees do should be that scandalous or top secret as to turn away potential clients or customers. At Crowdbooster, we find pictures the best way to capture our company’s life. They offer your community the opportunity to be there with you, whether it be the stressful hours leading to a public launch or the exciting minutes of a presentation at Twitter HQ.

Whether presenting at an event or just attending the conference, Ricky takes the main ideas from the talks and communicates them to our followers to extend the conversation online. 

We hope this post serves as a solid foundation to begin releasing your brand’s culture on social media. It’s far from exhaustive so please feel free to add any other suggestions in the comments section.   


2 thoughts on “Delivering Your Brand’s Culture Through Social Media

  1. Totally agree with you that brands should humanize their brands whenever they can. The only challenge is a lot of folks also outsource their social media management to 3rd parties that poses a lot of challenges too. Therefore making them more cautious on the "voice" that they represent.

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