Social media speak: stylish headlines and seasonable advice [AskMen case study]

Twitter analytics for trendsetters: Center on social resonance.

The website’s social media curators know optimal tweet times because of Crowdbooster. For recommendations, the analytics platform checks when AskMen has the most reader engagement. “I like that I can always look into our progress and statistics with Crowdbooster,” Testa said. “I see which content is retweeted most and consider posting more of that.”
Another favorite Crowdbooster feature is a custom influential followers list. During online campaigns and polls, AskMen will mention influential users in relevant tweets. For one article debate on the better between two Nissan models, Testa included “@nissannews” in tweets. This led to a “cool collaboration” where Nissan started tweeting and Facebook-posting AskMen content to its large following as well.

The publication is still going strong with its community engagement. Voting is open to all fans and followers for the next Top 49 Men to be featured on the website.

When online networks drew more attention three years ago, AskMen started building its web presence with Twitter and Facebook. “Social media is part of businesses nowadays, and you can’t really ignore it,” Testa said. “We saw it, picked it up and started optimizing for it. We pride ourselves on being first at the scene.”