7 Types of iPhone Users, 10 Things Google+ Can Do to Wow the World [link recap]

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Tracking tech giants
The Blogger & Picasa names are going away in Google’s rebranding effort 
Tips: “Evenly distribute your tweet content.” Grabbing More Attention on Twitter 
Infographic: “37% of apps are free.” A History of iPhones 
“Don’t focus on technology.” 10 Things Google+ Can Do to Wow Itself & the World

From politics to pop culture
Infographic: Social media managers have Jedi skills! Jedi’s Guide to Employee Management 
Tips: How a question makes it to Obama at White House Town Hall 
Infographic: “Who’s the person most likely to tweet?” Who, Why & How of Twitter 
Cartoon infographic: Is this true about Apple, Google, Facebook? Tech Organizational Charts
Infographic: Are you a fanboy or a desk job? 7 Types of iPhone Users

Wisdom for the weekend
Looking for influencers to reach? Approachable Social Media A-Listers on Twitter
Infographic: Casey Anthony had the Internet buzzing: Imperfections of U.S. Judicial System
Tips: Using the Google+ Circles Approach in Facebook

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