Evil forces are turning Facebook users into zombies, Skype’s coming-of-age story [link recap]

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Pop Culture
[cartoon infographic] Were you the high school outcast? Skype’s coming-of-age story
[Facebook cartoon] Visualize fitting 100s of millions of pages & people into one city.
Communism goes to social media war. 100s of Viet websites hacked after dispute with China
[cartoon] Evil forces are turning Facebook users into zombies, but Social Media Man saves the day!
[Twitter art] Social media + art + journalism = the courtroom-tweet-sketch
New Media Landscape
[infographic] Remember IRC? Friendster? Recap the history of social media.
Facebook user, have you thought about SEO or graphics? Build your business page.
The social media manager schedule! What does your daily media diet look like?
At Crowdbooster, we’re not robots. Top ten ways to instantly humanize your brand.

Do you lack #Fb engagement? 9 deadly sins of Facebook pages.

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