Announcing our first SMOchat on Twitter this Tuesday

We would like to invite you all to join us this coming Tuesday June 14, 2011 at 12PM PDT / 3PM EDT for our first ever Twitter chat in partnership with Stanzr to talk about “Social Media Optimization” or “#SMOchat.” 

Why are we doing this?
Social Media Optimization, or SMO, is the driving force behind our company. Our product goes beyond basic analytics for Twitter and Facebook; instead, we are crunching the data to find ways to help you optimize what you do so you can see better results. Through our experiences we have learned a thing or two, but together we can help each other get better at social media.

Event details

Time: Tuesday June 14 at 12PM PDT / 3PM EDT, and the event will take every Tuesday after that.

Hashtag: #SMOchat 

Description: Discuss what you have learned about optimizing our activity on social media and marketing more effectively. We will ask thought-provoking questions, highlight data and case studies, and once in a while invite a guest host to discuss her perspective with us. You can count on Team Crowdbooster to be there every time. We hope this provides a great forum for all of us to collaborate and learn from each other. Please put us on your recurring calendar and RSVP to explore the chat topics today!

Discussion topics

First of all – what do you measure?

As a social media pro, how do you keep tabs on your performance? Which measurements do you tend to focus on daily?


What have you learned from your measurements?

Best times of the day? Days of the week? What are the key drivers of success based on your data?


How have you experimented with social media marketing to achieve better results?

Be specific! We all want more followers, likes, comments, retweets, clicks, sales, but different strategies work for different audiences. Let’s see if we can collaboratively identify patterns.


How is your Facebook audience different from your Twitter audience?

Let’s move beyond having one message cross-posted to different social media channels and learn about what makes each community unique.


Topic ideas for next SMOchat?

This was our first SMOchat ever. Congratulations on being the inaugural members! We are going to be huge – please contribute your topic ideas for next week.


We are offering 50 invitations to our private beta for today’s chat participants. Please visit:

Get in early on the beta and test drive Crowdbooster to optimize your engagement on social media today!