Crowdbooster Social Media Heroes Interview #3 with Magdalena Georgieva (@mgieva / @hubspot), Inbound Marketing Manager at Hubspot [video interview]

I got to sit down with Magdalena from Hubspot to ask her a few questions about how Hubspot does their marketing. I wanted to learn about how they built their inbound marketing empire. Specifically, I wanted to focus on social media marketing. I thought it was very interesting to hear about social media from Magdalena to learn about how Hubspot’s bread and butter SEO has translated to success on social media channels. 

How to run a successful social media giveaways campaign:

I think by now most people know that giveaways, contests, trivia, and other simple and engagement tactics tend to be great ways to interact with your audience on social media, but for those of us who have tried to give something away for buzz, we know it’s still very hard to pull off. Magdalena described what made Hubspot’s Countdown to 2011 campaign successful to me in the video below. 

Key takeaways:

Timing your giveaway campaign. Magdelena picked a time when most people are on vacation so she didn’t need to compete with other marketers for her audience’s attention. 
Give away relevant prizes. Magdalena knew that her audience would only be interested if the prizes were attractive, so she decided to offer up time with Hubspot’s expert consultants, a few books on the topic, and even an iPod touch (who wouldn’t want an iPod touch!? Plus it was pre-loaded with Hubspot marketing content)!
Make social media part of the requirement. She decided to write about the contest on their blog, but asked her audience to tune into Hubspot’s Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn in order to find out who won. 
Offer something just for entering. In the confirmation email that Hubspot sent to everyone who entered, Magdalena included an offer to an extended free trial to offer something just for entering. 
Capturing leads. She made sure that entering the raffle required an email address, which was a great way to getting leads for Hubspot.

Getting more fans and followers:

Despite having services like Crowdbooster, Klout, and PeerIndex to tell you that being successful on social media means more than just having a large number of fans and followers, to most marketers, getting more fans and followers is still a huge priority. That’s understandable, but how do you do it? Well, there’s no magic bullet, but in my interview with Magdalena, she offered some good suggestions to help you get there.

Key takeaways:

Don’t work in isolation. Social media are fragmented, and your audience are consuming content from all kinds of places. Make sure you are building up your website, Twitter, blog, Facebook, Tumblr, Foursquare, Youtube etc. and leveraging all of these channels to cross-promote.
Leverage existing interactions. Where are you interacting with your community? Is it through an in-person transaction? Let them know about your social media properties by telling them or printing the information on the receipt. Is it through the phone? Email? Or do you sell a packaged good? You must be doing something that interacts with your community, so leverage the interactions and ask them to like your Facebook page if they like your service.

We discussed several other topics that you might find interesting. Check out the rest of the videos!

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