Simple yet powerful: Crowdbooster’s latest updates

Today we are introducing a series of new features that we have been adding to Crowdbooster over the last few months. Our goal was to add power to a simple user experience, which can be quite tricky. There were all these questions we found ourselves asking our own service, and your great feedback never ceased to inspire us. We hope you love the latest improvements. Here we go:

Trends for your social metrics

Since we launched the X initiative, have we seen an upward trend in the number of likes on our Facebook posts? What about the weekly contests on Twitter – do they help boost engagement in the middle of the week? Do people mention our business more on weekends? What about summer versus winter?

That’s how you’d evaluate the success of your campaign ideas and identify opportunities to do more (or less!). Now you can do this with ease in Crowdbooster, complete with 1. averages to let you know if you are above average (you are, if you are using Crowdbooster 🙂 and 2. granularity controls so you can try to notice otherwise hard-to-notice trends.

metric trends

Compare two time periods

We had a major media push last month, but did it drive social media engagement like we expected it to? You can now compare last month (or any arbitrary time period) to the previous three months (or any arbitrary time period), on the same graph and for any metric. That’s right. You can also hold the days of the week constant. Start both Period 1 and Period 2 on a Sunday, and see if you actually did a better job tweeting and engaging.

Time comparisons

You can use our bubble chart to tell a story about why one period had better performance. Was it because of one groundbreaking Tweet that got retweeted by an influencer – or did all of your posts do better in one period because you got smarter about your content strategy?

Bubble across time

(Your own) Keyword analysis

Ever wonder if sharing links to your site have an impact on engagement levels? What about all of those #trivia Tweets – yay or nay? We think doing social media well requires you to constantly check your gut against data. After all, this is one of the few places where your marketing and communications efforts can get instantaneous reactions from your target audience. We want to help you get these answers – so the first thing we did was to introduce a way to analyze your own posts and Tweets by keyword.

Keyword filter

We have a lot more up our sleeves, but we want to hear what do you think! If you liked what you saw, give us a
or sign up for a 30-day free trial. If you don’t like what you saw, let us hear it.

There will be no “Instagram for video”

I am beginning to think that “Instagram for video” is not where it’s gonna go. Vine is closer to YouTube than Instagram. We are consuming videos from the 1% of professional creators and another 4% of amateur creators, instead of the other 95% of everyone who shares photos on Instagram and Facebook. Our bar is just higher for video. Filters helped raised the floor for photos to a point where almost anyone who knows how to use a smartphone camera can take great-looking photographs, and we would all be happy enough looking at them. In the rare case that a photo is actually bad, the cost in terms of time spent consuming that photo is minimal anyway. This is not the case with video.

Socialcam had filters, text overlays, soundtracks that you can choose from, etc., but the videos I made of a birthday celebration was not fun to watch at all (especially given that it was more than a minute long). With editing and upload time, it also took a lot of effort to make. I’ve taken Instagram photos at other birthday celebrations and they always look fun and epic. Instagram also tackled video and they have the advantage of a built-in audience. As far as I can tell, no one is creating really interesting videos to watch on Instagram. If you find one, chances are it’s coming from a brand like Oreos investing money with a set, a script, professional actors and all that. If not, maybe the video is coming from a celebrity, so anything is interesting…video or photo or sound or text. That doesn’t say much.

Vine is the closest to nailing it. The composition tools are the best, including features geared specifically towards the most creative / artsy types like “ghost mode” and infinite loop. The 6-second time limit is just long enough to be interesting, and short enough that if the video sucks, you don’t feel like you’ve wasted a ton of time. However, I still haven’t been able to create great Vine videos myself because I’m unimaginative like most. This is why I think when it comes to a video social network, it’s not about filters or soundtracks or editing tools – it’s just about creativity. Can you come up with a script to tell an entertaining story in 6 seconds? You don’t really “capture and share moments” on Vine like you do on Instagram and leave the rest to our imagination. With videos, people expect to watch you tell a story, and unlike moments, stories aren’t out there for you to capture. You have to make it up. What do you think?

Going home.

Scheduling images to Twitter and Facebook through Crowdbooster

We just rolled out an update to our Publisher, in time to help you stay active on your socials this Labor Day weekend. You can now schedule images to both Twitter and Facebook!

schedule an image to Facebook

Schedule a photo to Facebook with your update.

Schedule an image to Twitter

Schedule an image to Twitter natively.


See scheduled photos in the queue.

Happy weekend and happy scheduling!

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